Quality Policy Statement

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The basic food quality and safety policy, according to which all "dyas s.a." company actions are being programmed, is greeted with broad publicity, both inside as well as outside the company itself and can be summarised as follows:

In general, our company’s main objective goal is to continuously improve both image and credibility by means of supplying products and offering services of high quality, in addition to competitive prices. To ensure that policy is appropriate for our company’s aim, that it is being reviewed as to its continuous suitability and it is being made known and understood within the company itself.

«The continuous reinforcement of the solid and constructive relationship with our clients constitutes the fundamental aim of the company. Our objective is to provide the best customer service available, in what concerns the level of the provision of services.
The company is engaged to continue corresponding to its client’s demands, always driven by the quality and safety of foods and, accordingly, it will incorporate, each and every time and to any degree needed, material resources and manpower to this end.